Kool Tak Back to School Desk Caddy

There’s nothing like a tidy desk with cool accessories to make even the most reluctant student want to get down to business. A few pieces of PVC, a small turntable, some paint, paper and a variety of Kool Tak™ products turn a cluttered desktop into a neat, organized and pretty work space. This project isContinue Reading

Kool Tak TV Accessory Box

  I have this thing about clutter. I don’t like knick-knacks, little groupings on a tabletop (unless they are all related vintage items and/or a part of family history), masses of framed photos, etc. That doesn’t mean I don’t have some of those areas in my home. I do, in moderation. I’m just not alwaysContinue Reading

Layer Plus Tool

Layer Plus Tool

 Continue Reading

Independence Day Condiment Caddy

Summer’s here and it’s time for pool parties, lazy days and back yard barbecues. Just in time for our country’s Independence Day celebration, you can make this sweet little caddy to hold your picnic condiments. It’s made with recycled coffee drink bottles, and Kool Tak™ products make it go together quickly. The best part isContinue Reading

Kool Tak: Dad’s Desk Caddy

  Just in time for Father’s Day, here a great little caddy to corral all those little thing’s that can clutter up Dad’s workspace. It can be used for pens, pencils, paper clips and stamps for an office, or even for small hand tools in dad’s workshop, such as allen wrenches, his favorite small screwdriversContinue Reading

Kool Tak Summer Seed Pocket

  Sometimes you need a little something to cheer someone up, tuck into a gift bag or offer an extra-special thank you, and this little pocket card is not only pretty, it contains a nice surprise. Kool Tak™ Ultra Clear Adhesive and Kool Tak™ Dimensional Foam Squares make this gift easy to create and, sinceContinue Reading

Kool Tak Memphis Memories

I love my hometown, Memphis, Tennessee. I love Elvis and the blues and barbecue and Beale Street, the mighty Mississippi rolling on it’s way to the Gulf, the scent of Wisteria this time of year and look forward to the summer scent of Honeysuckle, best enjoyed while sipping sweet tea on the front porch inContinue Reading

Kool Tak™ Mother’s Day Card

All mothers are special, which is why we set aside a day to honor them. She was the first one who loved you, and you are one of the few people who have heard her heart from the inside. Why not give your mother something special, something made from your heart? Kool Tak™ products makeContinue Reading

Kool Tak Happy Easter Banner

  Easter is almost here, and what better way to get in the mood than crafting a bright, cheery banner to hang for an Easter gathering at home, or in this case, dressing up the fellowship hall at our church. I know my banner will hold up for many years, thanks to the heat andContinue Reading

Controlled Chaos Coupon Keeper

  This is the beginning of a new year, a chance for a fresh beginning. Once you tear off that December 2014 calendar page, the possibilities are endless. Resolutions are a big part of the new year, whether it’s losing weight, toning up at the gym or saving more money. One sure fire way toContinue Reading