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Kool Tak Custom Ornaments final 2 CWindham

We’re in the middle of almost everyone’s favorite time of year. Holiday baking, gift buying or making, and of course, decorating the tree.

When you are removing each ornament for your tree, you may find some scratches and scrapes from years past, but Kool Tak™ comes to the rescue! With the ease of Kool Tak™ Punch Adhesive, you can punch custom shapes to cover any discoloration or scratch, and Kool Tak™ Premium Extreme Adhesive allows you to take a plain ornament (six for 59¢ at the thrift store!) and make it your own

Here’s how I did it:


Kool Tak™ Products

Kool Tak Custom Ornament Product CWindham Kool Tak™ Reusable Non-Stick Craft Mat

Kool Tak™ Punch Adhesive, 1/8″

Kool Tak™ Premium Extreme Adhesive

Kool Tak™ Sparkles, Green and Blue

Kool Tak™ Shiny Foil, Carnival



Star punches, assorted sizes

Craft Knife

Krylon Crystal Clear



Cover your work surface with the Kool Tak™ Reusable Non-Stick Craft Mat. Remove the hangers and clean the ornaments with soap and warm water. Allow them to dry completely.

White Striped Ornament

Apply 1/8″  Kool Tak™ Premium Extreme Adhesive,  beginning at the top and going all the way around, keeping the tape in the center as much as possible. Repeat, beginning half-way between the tape at the top so that you have four equal sections.

Kool Tak Custom Ornaments White Step 1 CWindham

Remove the release paper and apply the purple Kool Tak™ Shiny foil to both strips.

Tip: Remove the release paper from the last strip you applied first. When you remove the second release paper, tear it where the tape crosses. When you remove the remaining piece of release paper, the piece under the top strip should slip out easily. If it doesn’t, just apply the foil over it.

Kool Tak Custom Ornaments White Apply Foil 1 CWindham

Apply Kool Tak™ Premium Extreme Adhesive between the first strips in the same manner as the first strips. Remove the release paper and apply silver Kool Tak™ Shiny Foil. Replace the ornament hanger.™

Kool Tak Custom Ornament Apply tape 2 CWindham

Red Star Ornament

Punch several stars from Kool Tak™ Punch Adhesive. Remove the release papers from all the stars you plan to be covered in your first shade of glitter. Cover the stars with  Kool Tak™ Sparkles Glitter, wipe away any excess with a soft brush.

Kool Tak Custom Ornaments red step 2 CWindham

Remove the remaining release papers. Sprinkle the second color of Kool Tak™ Sparkles Glitter


Kool Tak Custom Ornaments Red Glittered CWindham

If you like, coat each ornament with a light spray of Krylon Crystal Clear. This will help to prevent scratches when the ornaments are stored from year to year.

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